opportunities in cyber

Cyber encompasses such a wide range of technical areas. For Amches it means great work where you can play on either side of he Computer Network Operations (CNO) fence. We love the challenges cyber presents to our customers and the interesting opportunities for our engineers in this dynamic field.

our approach

Amches engineers have broad experience performing system design, capability development, implementation, and operational support for new generation cybersecurity interactive systems. Our approach is to use existing commercial applications, appliances, and counter intelligence best practices as the foundation for a specialized solution tailored to each customer. Our depth of cybersecurity knowledge combined with agile development processes reduces risk and development time to successful solution. Amches stands ready to provide our expertise to an expanding market as national and commercial concern grows regarding the protection of high value information, particularly for the government and commercial industries.

a place for you

At Amches we want engineers who embrace the challenges that cyber brings. If you are interested in all facets of Computer Network Operations and like to develop new ways to attack the cyber problem, Amches is the place to land.