wireless survey tool

Amches provides an Android cellphone based wireless survey tool in partnership with a commercial wireless survey company, ZK Celltest. This tool, EchoOne, operates interactively to produce a more complete survey than traditional passive tools.  The partnership combines Amches’ government and Intelligence Community expertise with ZK Celltest’s depth of commercial cellular carrier business. Amches offers ZK Celltest’s full line of commercial products and survey services and is the exclusive government market distributor for this Android survey tool.

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Depending on your needs, we also have the following systems:

EchoPlus  - a tablet based active survey solution

EchoStudio – if you need more horsepower a Server/PC based active survey system is available too.

PureRF - If your needs require a ruggedized smaller form factor with multiple bands our new PureRF system is the perfect solution.

a.r.k. (advanced rf kit)

Our new product provides flexibility in performing wireless surveys and also enhanced collection capabilities. Please contact us for details on our new impressive product.

wireless survey visualization (government clients only)

Amches has developed and provides an RF emitter visualization system based on the NASA World Wind platform that combines both geovisualization and survey metrics visualization. Recent updates to this tool include enhanced wireless data visualization by highlighting single emitters broadcasting multiple identifiers and increasing the geolocation capabilities.

embedded development book

Our book, Advanced Mathematics for FPGA and DSP Programmers, covers the mathematical concepts involved in programming real-time embedded and signal processing systems. Our book provides practical advise and tips that normally takes years of programming experience to obtain.